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Property Management Parking Solutions


We understand that in these days of limited parking space, providing adequate parking to residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can alone be a difficult task.  Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations only add to the pressure of limited space.  Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can cause an unsafe, cluttered parking area, creating an inconvenience to you and your residents or homeowners, and lessening that all important curb appeal.  This can also lead to problems with emergency services accessing your property.


We can help you eliminate:


Illegal and improperly parked vehicles in reserved, visitor, or future resident spaces

 Inoperable or abandoned vehicles

Unwanted commercial or recreational vehicles

 Vehicles parked in handicapped only spaces without proper placard

 Double parking, blocking garages and dumpsters

 Fire lane and No Parking zone violators


Contact us for a free consultation

Simply call 206 364 2000 x 121

All of our companies, Lincoln, Kens and Dicks provide Private Property Impound services. 

To begin using us immediately, simply fill out the agreement and fax it to 206.363.6290.

We have also provided Impound Authorization Forms for each of our companies, LincolnKens or Dicks, or you can use the Washington State Department of Licensing form #430-510.  (click the number to link)

If you would like to read more about the laws regarding Private Property Impounds, please click on the following links: 

Definitions, RCW-46.55.010

Posting requirements, RCW 46.55.070

Specifications and posting of signs.  WAC 308-61-145